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Governance Check-Up

a help sheet from Nathan Garber & Associates 

Have each board member complete this form individually and anonymously. Compile and compare the answers.. If directors answer YES to all the questions applicable to your organization, your governance systems are probably performing well.  Answering  “NO” indicates the need for board and/or organizational development work. Answering “DON'T KNOW” suggest topics for board orientation sessions.






1.       Our mission/vision/purpose statement clearly communicates what we want to achieve





2.       Our values and beliefs are clearly stated and reflected in all our programs and activities





3.       We have a strategic plan that guides our Board, staff and volunteers.





4.       Our board and committee meetings are well-attended





5.       Conflicts among directors do not interfere with the Board’s work.





6.       Most Board members attend our special events





7.       Our financial monitoring and control systems enable us to quickly identify errors and protect us from most criminal activities.





8.       The Board’s relationship with the CEO is one of mutual trust and respect





9.       The roles of Board members and Staff complement each other, and do not conflict. 





10.    Our CEO’s performance is evaluated frequently enough.





11.    Board members make annual financial contributions and support special campaigns





12.    Our financial expenditures are in line with our objectives and priorities.





13.    The quality and quantity of our programs and activities is consistent with our resources.





14.    Our members, donors, and funders are kept aware of our major decisions and financial condition.





15.    Our Board members and officers are carefully recruited and selected.





16.    The organization provides adequate orientation, training, and evaluation for Board members, staff, and volunteers.





17.    The Board has adequate measures to prevent conflicts of interest.





18.    Our personnel practices and procedures provide adequate protection from, and recourse for, acts of abuse or harassment.





19.    We have reason to be optimistic about our ability to deal with whatever the future brings in the next 3 years.





20.    I am proud to be a Director  of this organization.





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